Professionalism, Quality, Reliability, Trust, Confidence & Commitment

These are the values that the Australian Bridal Service has up-held and continually maintained as it’s mantra for over 30 years. This organisation has only ever aligned itself with businesses within the bridal industry that adhere to these high standards of professionalism when dealing with bridal couples.


Since 1990

The Australian Bridal Service was established in 1990 to bring together the leading bridal retailers from around the country. The aim was to actively promote professional businesses of a similar calibre and showcase the best products and services to the bridal couples of Australia.

Largest bridal events

Over the last three decades, this organisation has grown to become the driving force in the bridal industry today. The Australian Bridal Service is now responsible for staging the largest bridal events across the country. The name behind some of the biggest bridal related social media platforms, representing the biggest names in the industry both nationally and internationally and the official administrators of the ABS Accredited Businesses Programme.

Helping quality bridal retailers

The Australian Bridal Service is at the forefront of this ever changing and evolving industry. This organisation is always expanding and searching for new ways to assist bridal couples to plan their wedding day. They are also committed to helping quality bridal retailers showcase their products and services to an ever changing market.

most trusted name in the industry

The Australian Bridal Service has always maintained their core values of professionalism, quality, reliability, trust, confidence & commitment. For example, over 1 million brides and grooms have passed through the doors of their major bridal events over the last 3 decades. Always keeping bridal couples and accredited retailers front of mind, this is why the Australian Bridal Service has kept ahead of the game for so many years and become the most trusted name in the industry.


This esteemed group of bridal industry professional platforms are renowned as the leaders in their individual fields. From staging the largest bridal events across Australia to officiating the only industry recognised accreditation programme, the Australian Bridal Service Group covers every aspect of planning the perfect wedding day.

Whether it’s engaging on their leading social media platforms or showcasing the latest trends from around the world, there is only one group of brands that you need to trust to plan your perfect wedding day.

From sophisticated luxury to vintage chic and every style and budget in between, there is only one organisation that you need to turn to, to help you on your wedding planning journey.

The Australian Bridal Service has always been and remains today, at the forefront of the Australian bridal industry and represents only the best that this unique industry has to offer.


The Australian Bridal Service recognises the need for newly engaged couples experiencing our industry for the first time, to be able to easily identify those businesses that maintain the highest standards of quality and service. This gives bridal couples peace-of-mind when selecting all of their wedding services.

Only the best bridal retailers in the country are able to obtain Australian Bridal Service Accreditation and have their brands associated with this internationally recognised organisation.

With a national representation, the Australian Bridal Service plays a major role in endorsing all businesses who are part of the ABS Accredited Businesses Programme.

Don’t leave the most important day of your life up to just anyone!

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