Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Dancing is a special gift that you and your fiancée can share on your wedding day. Ensure that your first dance will be a memory you can cherish forever.
It wasn’t so long ago that a couple’s first dance as husband and wife was simply a stroll around the dance floor. Now, with the advent of home videos, and picture-perfect photography, many newlyweds are enhancing their wedding experience with dance. The first dance is to be remembered and captured on camera for generations to come, so why not make it special. Come into Arthur Murray and we will work diligently to make your first dance a dream come true!
Some of the popular wedding dances include the elegant Waltz, the romantic Rumba, and the jazzy Foxtrot. Other popular reception dances include Salsa, Mambo, Swing, Hustle, and Merengue.

Level 1, Suite 2, 136 -138 Martin Street, Brighton, VIC 3186