Founded in February 2013, White Label Hire (WLH) supplies a wide range of elegant centrepieces, accessories and Luxe Tables for weddings, corporate, and other special events. With an extensive network of suppliers from different parts of the world, we continuously source modern luxurious centrepieces, glassware and other accessories to bring world-class beauty to our clients’ events.

This year we are proud to launch our own range of elegantly crafted tables. Each piece has been created with the highest level of quality and is the ultimate inclusion for a lavish event.

We prides ourselves on our commitment to excellence and providing a professional and reliable service.

Having more than 10 years of experience, we understand our clients’ desires to host an awe-inspiring event leaving guest with an unforgettable experience. Our drive to provide memorable moments gave way to us developing our own range of signature pieces that are not only a first here in Australia, but also around the globe.

White Label Supplies (WLS), the wholesale arm of the company, sources new and unique products from all parts of the world with the goal of bringing luxurious decorations such as centrepieces, vases, candle and flower holders and other accessories to weddings and corporate events throughout Australia.

By making our clients our focus, White Label Hire makes it possible for you to host luxurious and extravagant events and make every moment memorable.