Alin Le'Kal

At the tender age of ten, Alin was captivated by the texture and the flow of gowns through out his consistent attendance to celebratory events.

With a strong historical presence of fine tailoring and garment construction in his ancestries, Alin inevitably became naturally aware of fine quality and unique design allowing him to create signature design elements that would soon lend a hand in the making of Alin Le Kal, the brand.

Through formal studies in couture construction, Alin’s journey saw him source ideas and fine materials, leaving behind constraints and limitations, opening a clear path and vision.

Expanding beyond his home shores of Australia to continents such as Europe, Middle East and Asia, Alin has garnered inspiration that trickles down into his art and continues to inspire new milestones both personally and professionally.

133 Gipps St, Collingwood VIC, VIC 3066