Anania Jewellers

We are the Anania family, trusted master jewellery designers and craftsman for over 50 years and 3 generations. Design, repair, restore, re-size, create and value with all the care that befits your treasured memories.

All of our jewellery is custom designed, we start with the centre piece and spend the extra time making sure that the proportions of what we are designing together, are perfect.

Jewellery is a celebration of life, not always an extravagance. Each jewellery piece is a story, a memory of a place or person. We pass our jewellery on, we share it during celebrations. Our Jewellery is an intimate extension of ourselves. We relive the stories of where our jewellery came from and the places it has been, a reminder connecting us to our loved ones.

We want to help create the story that you will pass on, not just a moment in time, but a lifetime of memories.

1/235 Clarence St, Sydney, NSW 2000