My Studio Booth

My Studio Booth was born out of the dream to bring years of event photography experience with over a decade of photo retouching, lighting, and just generally making things look awesome, to you guys. Now here we are… Melbourne’s studio quality photo booth!

The open air booth allows for more movement, more people, and overall more fun. The big studio lighting isn’t just for show either. It’ll bring out your best side every time*. That photo retouching experience comes in handy with the ability to enhance each individual photo after the event, giving that extra care to ensure everyone looks awesome in your online gallery!

While we have a range of different standard backgrounds to choose from, we can cater to your theme by creating personalised backdrops.

Got any more questions, want to book for an upcoming event, or just need a friend to talk to**… Then contact us now.

*subject to face pulling. Sometimes you just can’t fix that

**friendships subject to availability.

Melbourne, Victoria, VIC 3000